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January 11, 2019 | Author: Bia Bezerra | Category: N/A
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questions recalled from NBDE part 1...


Masseter closure--- bc of flexor reflex?

Occlusal table is --------- 50-60% of tooth

Sphenomandibular ligament inserts into neck of co ndyle- at lingual

Which has neither active absorption or is secreted-Glucose

Which is not required for teeth: vit A, B1, C, D, E---Answer: Vit B1

Which is required for clotting------vit A, B12, C, K  Answer: Vit K 

Which nerve is not found in the cavernous sinus wall- max,troch, opth,oculomotor, abducens Answer: Abducens

Bennett movement is where? Working condyle

Question about NOMA=== caused by ANUG?

Retrodiscal lamina=increasing vascularity ( lots of dense tissue)

What is the fxn of sympathetic nerve in pulp?

What is a CDNA library? - comp compos osed ed of only only RNA RNA seq seque uenc nces es - comp compos osed ed of of DNA DNA and and RNA RNA sequ sequen ence cess -look up the answer  Weight of tropocollagen==== ?? Ratio of CO2/02 during glycolysis------

A bullet goes through skull above eyebrow and in posterior skull, what two bones are not affected?

Question describing Varicella Zoster 

A question said what goes through jugular foramen—but it had cranial nerve 9, and 10 as separate options------ really dumb question

Mesial marg ridge that is more cervical than distal marg ridge- Mand 1st premolar 

Cyclosporin had what adverse effects.

There was a question that asked what chorda tympani does to parotid gland and there wasn’t nothing as an option, options were somatic motor, parasympathetic,etc.

A lot of cases, maybe 6-7 cases where they give you a sheet with information about a ptn and ask you questions about it.

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